Jean Chrétien. The Man. The Story. (feature doc)

A two part documentary series about former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s life and career. I editied 2 version, one in French and English which aired on Radio-Canada and the CBC this past year. 


Directed by Caroline Monnet, this short film produced by CBC Docs demonstrates and celebrates the inner strength, fortitude, and dedication to physical and spiritual health by Chippewa female mixed martial artist Ashley Nichols.

ALLURE (feature film)

Allure (formerly A Worthy Companion), written and directed by The Sanchez Brothers.
The film, starring Evan Rachel-Wood, was produced by micro_scope and is a heavy story that deals with uncomfortable themes that include kidnapping, stockholm syndrome and sexual abuse to name a few.

MOBILIZE (short)

This short film, made entirely from archival footage was produced by the NFB and directed by my friend Caroline Monnet. I was very happy to edit this film as it was a very fun challenge for an editor. It premiered at .TIFF and later participated at the Sundance Film Festival.


An NFB short film directed by Tara Johns for the Governor General’s Award for french filmmaker Jean Beaudin. I edited this fun look at the life and career of a legend in Quebec cinema.